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Mes Thés

Mes Thés (pronounced May Tea) means my teas in French. At Mes Thés, we believe that beauty is an interconnection between mind,body, and soul.

Our Mission

Mes Thés aims to strengthen the MIND by providing knowledge to all persons regarding healthy, holistic hair and skin care practices and promoting self-appreciation.

Mes Thés strives to help persons care for their BODY by providing them with our HOLISTIC hair care products, skin care products and teas.

Mes Thés addresses the SOUL by providing practical lifestyle tips that promote overall health which intern, benefit hair and skin.

Our Promise

We promise to give you high quality holistic, tea-based products that allow you to nurture your body from head to toe. Everything in our products is on the label!

To achieve maximum effectiveness we select the highest quality natural and organic ingredients. All of our sources are evaluated to ensure that they continue to meet our standards of purity and sustainability.

Our Core Values

At Mes Thés, we believe:

• What you put in or on your body is an important aspect of feeling and looking healthy.

• You should be able to purchase beauty products feeling confident that they contain only beneficial ingredients.

• Knowledge is power. But Application is Strength. We hope to empower our customers by educating them on how to care for their own hair and skin.

• Beauty starts within — that includes our hair and skin.

• Stay true to yourself.

The Founder

In creating Mes Thés, I wanted to design a product that would help people to appreciate and accept the rareness and the uniqueness of their own beauty.

At points in my life, I struggled with accepting and appreciating my own BEAUTY. People’s views of me, whether spoken or unspoken, lead to struggles with acceptance as a child. This blurred my vision to where I couldn’t see myself clearly and the REAL reasons why I am beautiful.

However, I have learned that it is these differences that make us all beautiful, and this is a lesson I want to pass on with Mes Thés. Beauty starts within! You must learn to accept and love yourself. Appreciate your hair and its unique journey. Take extraordinary care of your beautiful skin, no matter its shade.

At Mes Thés, we know that true beauty is an interconnection of body, mind and soul. Our goal is to help you feel stunning from head to toe, in the beautiful skin that you’re in. Our family’s use of teas for total body treatments have been passed down for generations. Through Mes Thés, I have the privilege of sharing my heritage, beliefs and traditional recipes from my grandparents, not only with my children, but with the world, my expanding family!

-Patricia, Founder of Mes Thés

Mes Thés Team

Joining Patricia in this exciting journey is Patricia’s daughter, Sarah and son in-law Carlyn. “I remember my mom whipping up butters and warming oils preparing our skin and hair products, while growing up. The natural smells would fill our home! This has truly been a gift to our family, passed down through generations. Now it is such a wonderful privilege to share this passion with my mother and offer it to others.