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Healthy Soul Box

Sign up to receive the Healthy Soul Box and be totally transformed. A box full of goodies, delicious healthy recipes, motivating workbooks to teach you how to set goals and be inspired to show up for Yourself! Discover how to nurture yourself with love and grace. 

You will have a choice of a:

Plant Based or Regular Menu

Healthy Soul Box

Take the stress out of food shopping with your tasty healthy monthly downloadable meal plan. This Plan includes grocery list, healthy recipes and so much more! Every month you will also receive a shipment of products that will help you reach your monthly goal!

*Digital Yearly Self Care Planner can be added for an extra Fee.

What You'll Receive Each Month

*Physical Products will Include: Essential Oils, Herbal Blends, Herbal Teas, Aroma Therapy, Healthy Alternative Products, Self Care Products, etc.

Why This subscription box

We will be addressing concerns of inflammation, heart health, nourishing our nervous system and clearing up that brain fog etc. So you can get busy dreaming and living!!

Healthy Soul

Box Schedule:

Each Box will ship out the 25th of Each month.

Monthly goals

Eat to strengthen your body and decelerate premature aging while detoxing, rejuvenating and restoring. This collection is designed to help you build a Daily Routine and create a Healthy Lifestyle. Let's get rid of the limiting beliefs that no longer serve you and the excess weight you no longer want to carry. In 6 months, you will up level your Mind, Body and Spirit, transforming into a lighter healthier and happier you.